Helping build digital awareness for the next big box office blockbuster

Nova Entertainment quickly bring digital campaigns to life for Sony Pictures that spread the online word about their upcoming feature films. Given the importance of rapidly building awareness for headline movies prior to their cinema release dates, it is imperative that campaigns go to market as soon as possible. To help this become a reality Scribble maintains fast response times and develop and deliver digital assets in short turnaround times that effectively promote upcoming releases whilst remaining faithful to the base artwork. This ensures minimum time is wasted on feedback implementation and campaigns can be conceived and executed quickly without delay.


Nova Entertainment




Digital advert design
Website design
Social media design

Page skins

Campaign landing page skins are created based on feature film original artwork to ensure a consistent campaign aesthetic throughout the user journey beginning from social and search engine banner ads to the Nova website.

Google adverts

Google display advert artwork is developed in a range of different specs for desktop and mobile devices to promote the film and drive users to the landing page for conversion. Artwork variations for different stages of the campaign are also developed to ensure maximum relevancy to the user.

Social media

To further increase the reach of the campaign, digital assets are also developed for Facebook and Instagram to highlight the film to Nova’s significant social media audience. Given the medium, the artwork is developed with minimal text overlay and incorporates key information only.